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All You Need is Love…

Joyce Meyer says – There is nothing more important than for you to know that you know that you know that God loves you unconditionally. There has NEVER been a time in your life that God has NOT loved you. HE WILL NEVER NOT LOVE YOU.

 I agree and I’ve spoke of this before. But I believe it’s worth revisiting.

This truth is so simple. MANY think they believe it, but VERY FEW actually grasp it in their lifetime… I’ve been a Christian since I was 10 years old, yet, I didn’t finally get “this” until I was 28!!!

You have to watch this powerful video!

 Ever since I was little, I believed in God’s love… it was fact. I sang about it … read about it… heard about it in church… yet I was still miserable, overwhelmed in depressed the majority of the time. Why? I never felt GOOD enough. I thought I had to be better. So I invited Satan’s condemnation into my life because I could NOT combat it with God’s love. I couldn’t combat it, because I did NOT have the FAITH in His love to RECEIVE IT.

Why is this truth so hard to grasp? I believe it’s because…

1. We don’t understand what love really is

  1. Very early on, we learn to love the way the world loves… conditionally… a give and take kind of relationship. Therefore, most of feel we need to BE or DO something more for God to love us. This is LEGALISM and not love. If this was true, Christ did NOT have to die.

  2. This lie is so easily received because it’s the world’s thinking and what our flesh is drawn to. You don’t NEED faith for this kind of “love.” Our spirit is drawn to God’s love, but if we keep allowing our flesh to control our lives, we cannot understand and believe in His True Love.

2. We don’t love ourselves

  1. All of us in some way or another are constantly trying to fill ourselves with something because we don’t know how to just RECEIVE God’s love. Why did God create us? He was so full of something (love) that we wanted somewhere to put it. That hole we are trying to fill is only satisfied with God’s love. Why did He create you? To Love You. (Pastor Chip Judd)

  2. Satan makes sure we feel condemnation any chance he gets. In fact, Satan’s first method of temptation to Eve in the garden was to bring doubt of God’s love upon her. (BSF Int’l Genesis study). That right there shows us the importance of knowing God’s love.

  3. You must learn to love yourself JUST BECAUSE GOD LOVE YOU, only then will you get the upper hand of condemnation in your life.

Do we really know what love is?

1. It’s a CHOICE, not a feeling.


  1. Totally giving of yourself to meet the needs of others without expecting anything in return

  2. Loving someone exactly as they are today; regardless of what they have done in the past, are doing in the present, or what they will do in the future.

  3. It leaves no room for disappointment in or shame for another – only COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE

To find the true meaning, we must go to the Word of God

  1. 1 John 4:8 Those who do not love do not know God because God is love.

  2. Love freely gives – John 3:16 He so loved us, he GAVE

  3. Love IS BEFORE receiving anything in return Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners (His enemies), Christ died for us.

  4. Love is a Bond that CANNOT be broken – Romans 8:38-39 NOTHING can keep us from the love of God through Christ

  5. Love plays NO favorites – Job 34:19 (he shows no favor one over another – We are ALL the work of His hands)

  6. Love Is steadfast (constant, unwavering) and Endures forever – Psalm 136:26

Jesus came to help us “SEE” the love of God

So How did I Come to KNOW of God’s love?

Joyce Meyer in Battlefield of the Mind says, In order to experience God’s love, you have to meditate on it. If you don’t meditate on it, you will not experience it.

That’s exactly what I did. Every morning, I would close my eyes, sit in quiet and speak three words “God Loves Me.” I would then think on those three powerful words, and speak it again with more confidence. I’m not sure when it happened, but I truly believe this is how I found it.

Just like Love is a CHOICE, not a feeling;

Accepting His Love is a choice and not based on a feeling.

 So… Do you know that you know that you know that God Loves You? Do you ever doubt his love? Do you give into the voice of condemnation and allow it to take away your joy? Do you trust him with your life? Your whole life?

Do the God Love Me exercise even if you believe it already. It may open your eyes to something more. I pray it blesses you the way it has me.


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