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"But I don’t FEEL like it …"

Have you ever caught yourself saying these six words? If you don’t watch it, they can rule your life. In fact, they did for the majority of mine. If you stop and think about it, it is no different than when our kids say it back to us. Can you hear the whiny “But Mom (or Dad)” voice? Of course, we know what’s best for them and encourage them to do it anyway. This is what God (our Father) hears from us (His children). How much more does He know what’s best?

“I don’t feel like… …Waking early to read my bible …Doing something nice for someone not so nice   …Serving or helping someone        …Working hard at a job I don’t like                      …Exercising or eating right …Being the bigger person in an argument           …Doing anything at all!” The List can go on and on. Is anybody with me!?!?!

In my last post, I talked about the soul and body part of us and how they need to learn to submit to the spirit. This phrase is a great example of just that in my life. It represents a stronghold (of my soul) and a habit (of my body) that I am continually working on.

It is a bad habit because when I didn’t “feel” like doing something, I just didn’t do it. Even if I knew it was the best thing for me or what I was supposed to do. I just ignored and hid from the “spirit” voice in my head telling me this. In other words, I was lazy… really lazy.. or for a better word… in bondage.

It is a stronghold because the way I feel dictates the way I live. Who knew you didn’t have to live by your feelings?!? I sure didn’t for the longest time and more times than not, my feelings were negative and ALL about me. Feelings are fickle. They can change in an instant, therefore, they cannot be truth. Just ask us women. One moment we are happy our guy is watching a chick flick with us, then we are crying because it’s just so sweet. Next, we get mad because he isn’t crying with us, so we throw a pity party because “he just doesn’t understand me.” Get the picture?

How do we get these feelings? By listening to lies (many old, some new) and letting them take up residence in our minds. Be careful where you let your mind go or what you let it think on. Negative feelings are produced from dwelling on a negative thought. These thoughts can either be a lie or belief that Satan OR you placed in your mind. They are based on circumstances instead of Truth (the Word). Satan uses our feelings to form mindsets that hold us back, keep us hurting and take away our light. Most of us are not even aware of our thoughts throughout each day. Scary, huh?

Even though I am now recognizing and overcoming much, I still hear those words whispered to me. Sometimes I still act on it and give into my feelings. But many times I recognize it and take that thought captive (2 Cor 10:5). I wish I could say that I catch it every time, but I am still a work in progress.

What about you? Do you hear this phrase or a similar one repeated throughout your day? What do you do with it? Do you live by your feelings or the truth?

We must CHOOSE to be INTENTIONAL with the one thing

God has given us control over – our minds.


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