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Chapter 1, 2nd excerpt

We all have a story.

Our situations, circumstances and backgrounds are all unique. Our belief systems form over time and they determine how we view our life. All of this shapes who we are today. Yet, as with Akoua and I, our stories are often more similar than they first appear. However, if we are distracted by the world’s noise and not looking for it, we will miss the common thread we all share.

Heartbreak. Wrong choices. Victimization. A bad start. No matter what you’ve done, been through, or are currently facing, your story is NOT a tragedy. It never has been.

Your story is a love story—one intertwined with the greatest story ever told. His story.

Your Heavenly Father loves you so much that He was willing to sacrifice His Son, Jesus, so you could have a happily ever after. Not just when you die, but right now!

Are you only seeing half of your story?

A slight tweak to your life lenses can change it’s trajectory. There is no struggle too big for God or The Believers’ Battle Strategy. Think back on your life or even just today.

  1. Are you suffering a loss you can’t get past?

  2. Have you been betrayed or hurt by someone close and just can’t forgive?

  3. Are you dealing with a sin, secret, habit or illness that is tearing you or someone you know apart?

I’m only skimming the surface of struggles there are. Regardless, are you able to experience joy and piece even in the midst of them?

You see, it didn’t matter that Akoua and I lived on opposite sides of the globe and had our own unique situations. We were blinded by the same enemy and deceived in similar ways, causing us to fight the same thing: ourselves.

A simple change in perspective showed us we had the same Hero, Jesus, walking alongside us at all times. A simple shift in strategy revealed that we had all we needed to be victorious in battle.

The Believer’s Battle Strategy 

A life manual to living strategically and fighting victoriously.

Available in print or ebook on Amazon in two days!

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