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Chapter 1, 3rd excerpt

We are all fighting something.

For so long, my past was overshadowed and limited by what I could physically see. I focused on my shortcomings and constantly battled against self to overcome and become “better.” I was often consumed with all the ways I wanted to “improve” for Jesus that it distracted me from being and shining for Him. While I’ve come a long way, these struggles still resurface if I do not remain on guard.

If your story is similar to mine, your intentions are good, but most of your days are full of sweat, tears—and let’s be honest, a whole lot of condemnation. Am I right? You feel defeated, confused, and frustrated because even though you know Christ is in you, you still feel as though you are held captive by something. Why is change not happening? It can leave you feeling guilty, ashamed and … heavy.

If this is you, look closer. Your fight is not with yourself.

Maybe you allow others’ words or actions to determine your happiness. Maybe you’re consumed with suspicion, hurt or anger toward someone, or people, in general. Do you spend most of your day replaying in your mind, the hurtful actions and words of others or what you’d like to say back to them if given the opportunity? If so, your days are most likely filled with a lot of offense, hurt—and a desire to control relationships. It can leave you feeling distressed, bitter, judgmental and again … heavy.

If this is you, look closer. Your fight is not with other people.

Do you allow your circumstances to determine your mood? Maybe the circumstances you’re facing are getting the best of you and you don’t see a way out. Just when you think you’ve overcome a problem, another obstacles surfaces. All of this can leave you feeling discouraged, afraid, overwhelmed and again … heavy.

If this is you, look closer. Your fight is not with your circumstances.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

The Bible says we cannot see what we are fighting. So that eliminates yourself, others and your circumstances as the real enemy. This is Truth. Take it seriously.

We have an unseen enemy determined to keep us focused on our imperfections and sins, the people who hurt us, and our seemingly impossible circumstances. Our enemy wants us to focus on counterfeits so we never notice him working strategically behind the scenes. And he’s an expert….

The Believer’s Battle Strategy

A life manual to living strategically and fighting victoriously.

Complete Ebook or Print copy available on Amazon TOMORROW!

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