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God IS in the …

“Don’t hunt for a feeling in prayer. 

It is a thousand feelings on a thousand different days. Once we make it our quest to experience God or prayer, we lose God. You don’t experience God, you get to know him, submit to him, enjoy him” – A Praying Life

God IS in the Funny – the birth experience So, some may see this story as a little TMI, but it’s pretty entertaining and has a lot to do with my AHA moment, this past whirlwind week. So, here goes…

What I was expecting: I had been contemplating having a natural birth this go round, because I couldn’t remember God being a part of the birth of my other two children. I wanted Him to be the center of the process.  I just wanted to have this “amazing spiritual experience” and I figured if I were in pain, then, I’d remember to include Him. I know… sounds a little crazy.

How it all REALLY went down: I hadn’t accounted going into labor in the middle of the night with no sleep, so i gladly accepted the epidural and got a little shut eye before the big event. I also need to mention that towards the end of this pregnancy, I had been having gas cramps that I sometimes wondered if it were the beginning of labor. For some reason, this time, I was mortified and spoke of it often to my husband about expelling gas during the “pushing time.” When the time came, I provided the entertainment. I broke wind and George and I just busted out laughing. We couldn’t stop… couldn’t even look at each other… I couldn’t even push anymore. When I finally got control, and began pushing again, I repeated my performance. This time, the OB Doctor and nurse joined in with the chuckling. How about that for an “amazing spiritual experience”! Not quite like what I expected. What I learned though, was that God WAS in the moment. He has a sense of humor and he knows what we need. My husband and I really needed that moment…evidently the medical staff did as well. 🙂 God IS in the scary and unknown – Jaundice

On Allie’s 5th day of life, we had to take her to MUSC hospital for an overnight at the Billi – Beach. This was a first for me, therefore, super upsetting and scary. It was just me and her in a small room for 26 hours. She had an I.V., foamy sunglasses and underwent constant photo-therapy. Looking back, I realize this time was a special time that God set apart with myself and her. Update: It is now day 12 and Allie keeps improving. God IS in the challenges and trials – sleepless nights Just like with any new baby, the nights are unpredictable and tend to be challenging. Once the jaundice sleepiness began to wear off, my little one has had a time settling herself at night. I start my nights off praying in complete dependence on and wisdom from my Heavenly Father. My praise music is going non-stop in Allie’s room to constantly remind me of His goodness, mercy and blessings.

As I look back on this eventful week, I recognize a truth that I need to hold onto.

God and experiencing him isn’t a feeling. He just IS. Omnipotent. Always there. A CONTINUAL experience.  He is in EVERY experience. 

It’s just whether you want to acknowledge and invite him into all things. So… How are you doing with this?


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