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Good thing or God thing?

How do you know if that “good thing” is a God thing?

You make a commitment to a good thing. And then weeks in, usually a thought like, I’m tired, i don’t feel like going to (Fill in the blank today begins. Doubt soon follows and the next thing you mentally hear is, Maybe i’m not supposed to be involved in this “good thing.” 

How do you know? How can you tell?

Be careful not to make a rash decision based on feelings. Instead, go anyway to that good thing you’ve committed to that day. Ask God for guidance and look for His answer. He will show you.

This happened to me this week… as well as last year with the very same “good thing”: A weekly bible study I attend. Fatigue sets in, thoughts of other commitments start to overwhelm me and in comes the doubt. I don’t think I’m supposed to attend this study this year. Both times, I prayed for discernment and forced myself to attend anyway. Both times, He made answer clear. Both times, His answer was to stay and blessings came from that obedience.

Leading a bible study myself, I’ve witnessed both circumstances:

  1. Those recognizing their plate is too full and that the timing for them isn’t right.

  2. Those who fall into deception and miss out on blessings of abundance.

Lesson Learned: Be prayerful in discerning your good things. If you have a full plate, maybe it is time to cut back. However, don’t cut the wrong thing. A wise mentor told me once to list out everything I’m doing and ask myself why I’m doing each of them. Identify your true motive for the things you do and God will show you what is a good thing and what is a God thing.

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