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Obey for Today

Since stepping off the plane from Africa this past November, I’ve done my best to listen to what the Lord’s calling me to do and most importantly, to OBEY. God doesn’t show us the big picture. His plans require small steps….Step by step… One day at a time. He does it this way, for many reasons …so we will depend on Him, instead of trying to make our own plans…so we won’t try to figure things out on our own…  and so we won’t get overwhelmed. It is so freeing and a relief to know that I don’t have to figure things out or make my own plans. All I have to do is obey for today.

These past 9 months, I’ve taken small steps and He’s doing things through me I could never of imagined. I can’t explain the feeling of being a vessel for Him. I encourage… no, plead with you to start listening and obeying (even in the tiniest of thing) and watch God work through you!!!

My next step is so exciting that I want to share it with you … Creating and leading a ministry study called Battles of the Mind. Its foundation is from Joyce Meyer’s book Battlefield of the Mind, which brought me my huge breakthrough, but it also encompasses so much more that I have learned over the past six years.

The study will begin on Tuesday, September 18th at 6:45pm at Seacoast Church in Mt Pleasant, SC. It will run for 10 weeks (all classes except the first will be from 7-9pm; Childcare is available). God has given me a passion to help women who were like me. Stuck. Who can’t move forward in their walk with God OR cannot be a light to others because they are in bondage to something (an event, a mindset, a stronghold). My goal for this study is to:

  1. Inform others of the battle going on in our minds and who our true enemy is

  2. Help others identify the lies they are believing about themselves or others

  3. Share how to overcome these strongholds and find the freedom that Christ died to give them

I’m telling you the details for two reasons:

1. Are you “stuck”? Is God calling you to join us this fall? We’ve had a lot of interest which God has graciously pulled a team together to help me facilitate. Registration is open now through August 31st. If you have any interest or questions about the study, please email me at with the subject “Battles of the Mind.”

2. Will you partner to pray with me for

  1. The continual anointing of the Study as we finalize and put the details into place.

  2. The leaders who are called to make this happen.

  3. The women God is nudging to take the study. That they will take that step to obey and join us.

  4. For freedom and breakthrough for the women who will be participating.

I pray and believe that the next step is for this study to become an ongoing opportunity. It’s in His hands and I will continue to obey for today and leave the future up to Him.


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