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The Gift of Time

I have been given the gift of time.

It’s amazing what you can see when given time.

God at work


In this season, God has not only shown me that he sees me, but he’s also shown me he is always working. I think of the Waymaker song (a favorite of mine) and the lyrics “even when I don’t see it, you’re working. Even when I don’t feel it you’re working. You never stop working”.

Do I really believe that? Can I take heart that in the most discouraging of moments God is still working?

I can and choose to believe because:

1. God says so in His Word. His ways are higher and will never return void (Isaiah 55:8-11).

2. When I was forced to slow down, I saw it first-hand. That will forever be my reminder of God’s constant, magnificent orchestration even when I don’t see or feel it.

Today marks four weeks since my surgery. My recovery is going well as I sigh in relief at the words “no chemo” but also dread the words and uncertainty of “hormone blockers for the next ten years”. While the rollercoaster continues, I stop and praise God for my good news, but also experience guilt as I realize I am one of the lucky ones. So many are not and it's so incredibly humbling.

Now, the statement, “I have been given the gift of time” takes on a whole new meaning. What will I do with it? Lord, help me not to fall into the too busy to see, serve, or even spend time with you trap like I have so many times before.

You have been given the gift of time. What will you do with it? Whether it’s the gift of margin in the day-to-day or the opportunity to live another day, what will you do with this time?

1. Where have you seen or are seeing God at work? Write it down, tell a friend, and do whatever it takes to not forget.

2. Questions to ponder: Have you fallen into the “trap” of being too busy to see God at work? In what ways are you believing the lie that your busyness cannot change? What steps will you take to slow down?


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