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The Perfect Gift

What will your perfect gift be this year? I’m not talking about that item that you’ve been wanting all year. I’m talking about a gift for the guest of honor – Jesus. It is His birthday after all.

This devotional is most fitting for this time of year. I chose to write about this because we think we have to do and be all these things and all He really wants from us is to put our hope and focus on Him.

THAT is the perfect gift. Will you give it to Him this year?

Preparing Your Heart for Your King


Celebrating His 1st Coming 

Anticipating His 2nd Coming.


Jesus Calling, Dec 19th DO NOT BE WEIGHED DOWN by the clutter in your life: lots of little chores to do sometime, in no particular order. If you focus too much on these petty tasks, trying to get them all out of the way, you will discover that they are endless. They can eat up as much time as you devote to them. Instead of trying to do all your chores at once, choose the ones that need to be done today. Let the rest slip into the background of your mind, so I can be in the forefront of your awareness. Remember that your ultimate goal is living close to Me, being responsive to My initiatives. I can communicate with you most readily when your mind is uncluttered and turned toward Me. Seek My Face continually throughout this day. let My Presence bring order to your thoughts, infusing Peace into your entire being. Right now, my clutter is a checklist of things I want to get done before Christmas. Unfortunately, this checklist is things of this world – chores, shopping, cleaning the house, cooking, preparing for baby. And with me waddling in slow motion these days it’s even more frustrating. Why am I doing this to myself?!?!? I teeter between feeling overwhelmed and condemned from legalism. I’ve got it all backwards. My inward checklist should really be simple – Be Still (Ps 46:10), Rest in (Matthew 11:28-30) and Depend on Him (Ps 62). That’s the perfect gift? Is it really that simple? Yes. What about the other stuff? If you do this, than everything else will fall into place. Proverbs 16:3 Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

Take special note now during the hustle and bustle,

and remember what this week is all about…

Then carry it into the new year with you.


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