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Train for your mission


A soldier goes through boot camp to train for his mission. Like it or not, we are soldiers in this battle. God is raising up his army and He is calling you to fight for the life that Christ died to give.

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the Word, continuous “Truth tightening” is vital.

When I asked a navy veteran about her experience in military training, she shared this with me. “Boot camp was about breaking us so they could make us. As soon as we arrived at camp we had to rid ourselves of civilian life, learn that we were not in control, and that we had no choice but to listen to our superior officers.”

The Christian life parallel. We all have a point where we realize we are broken, not in control and must listen to our Superior Officer.

Military boot camp lasts a couple months, but spiritual boot camp is a longer process. As we mature in Christ, we rid ourselves of the world—civilian life.

BBS Cover 8.11.18

Humble yourselves before the Lord by training for your mission.

Charleston Residents, consider walking through the book this fall in a class setting. Click here for more info!

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